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Creative Events, Dublin City Centre

Venue Address:
20 Lower Stephen Street
Dublin 2
Venue Contact:
Tel: +353 1 475 3313
Email: info@creativeevents.ie
Website: www.creativeevents.ie
Venue Type:
Adventure Center
Venue Capacity:

Our Christmas Parties:

We have a range of Christmas Packages that include dinner and Nightlcub entry or we can bring our Christmas Shows to your restaurant or event. Our most popular Christmas Partys are Christmas Murder Mystery, Xmas Treasure Hunt, Drum 4 Fun and Christmas Quiz Show.

Please call on + 353 1 4753313 to discuss Venues and Packages.

All our Packages can include 2/3 Course Dinner or simply finger food and Nightclub entry. We have events that work before, duing or after dinner.

Christmas Murder MysteryOur Murder Mystery evening is fun, interactive and personalised to your group. Our professional actors perform the evening, and you are greeted in character from the moment you walk through the door. We’ll even write your group into the script.

Christmas Interactive QuizThe Big Interactive Quiz Show is a high energy fully computerised event. The event comes with electronic buzzers for each table, a ‘Buzz Off’ podium and Table Light Box’s that are brilliant fun and exactly like that you find on any TV game show.

Christmas Quiz & GameshowOur hosts can play a range of characters depending on the style of Gameshow you want. Equipment includes: Digital Buzzers, Computers, Backdrop, PA System. We have a range of different Gameshow software from X Factor style to University Challenge.

Christmas Treasure HuntWe tailor each Treasure Hunt producing a unique set of challenges to each client. You can decide the theme and how challenging/fun you want the hunt to be. Works really well for all group sizes.

Christmas Drum for FunWithin minutes everyone has an instrument and is grooving together as a group. Excellent fun and great for breaking the ice and getting your night off to a flying start. We use all sorts of drums and percussion instruments.

Christmas Magic ShowRuairi O’Connor: Illusionist, Mind reader and Cabaret Performer – has worked in film and TV and has been practising his art for over 15 years.

Satisfied customers include global clients such as Oracle, O2, Meteor, Dell, Microsoft, Symantec, Vodafone, Spirit Dublin and more.

Christmas Show Options:

Full Stage Show
Description: The full stage show is 30 minutes in length and is ideal for after dinner, when energies may need a lift before hitting the dance floor. His show, which was in development for three years, incorporates humour, illusion and mind reading. Audience participation is key, with the former president of the mystic circle bringing up various people from the audience to be amazed and awed at his skill. It’s fast, funny and fantastic. As a taster, before the full show, Ruairi can perform his renowned walkabout magic. His innate charm and style sees him mingling with the crowd or table-hopping, eliciting gasps of amazement, shrieks and spontaneous rounds of applause from the guests.

Suited to: Works best for a seated crowd, of no minimum size.

Mini Show
Description: The mini show is approx 30 minutes in length and again is ideal for after dinner. It is ideal for a smaller group or informal venues as it is performed without the addition of sound amplification or lights.

Walkabout: 2 Hour Session
Walkabout works best at the beginning of the night. It provides guests with something to focus on, and something to chat about afterwards. It sets the tone for the evening – exciting and fun. Guests feel like they’ve been treated to something really extra special.

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